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GM Tyrith
PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 7:41 pm    Post subject: Tyrith's 30k DPS Magicka Sorc Build

Hey guys! Now that we've released our Raider Incentives program I know a lot of you need some guidance on how to get your numbers up. Here is my own personal build that I hope will help you guys achieve your numbers. Currently we are in DESPERATE need of ranged DPS and in my opinion no one better at that then Sorcerer's.


First let's talk stats. Below is a picture of what I have currently

Now the numbers you see here are buffed only by [Witchmother's Potent Brew], my Bound Aegis IV (increase max magicka 8%), Undaunted Mettle (increase max health, magicka and stam by 6%, the last passive in the Undaunted skill tree) and Inner Light (increase max magicka 5% and crit rating by 2191)

MAGICKA: So immediately what you can see is I have everything into magicka. Of course the more magicka you have the more DPS you will do. 40k magicka is a very nice place to be at and if you can get your magicka recovery up past 1000 you will rarely run out of magicka if you manage your rotation correctly. [Witchmother's Potent Brew] gives me 3192 Magicka and 312 magicka recovery which is SUPER nice for sustain.

HEALTH: Equally important is your health to survive in vet trials you will need a minimum of at least 16k. Preferably 18k is a more forgiving place to be at but I've grown comfortable at this level. So keep in mind generally you will be using your food buff to get you up to these numbers. [Witchmother's Potent Brew] only buffs my health by 3192. But that wasn't enough so I enchanted two of my major armor pieces with 954 max health. All of your other armor should be enchanted magicka.

SPELL DAMAGE & CRIT: This is the main area you will want to focus on. Let's start with Spell Damage. Now you can see my SD is at 2087 on my main bar and will increase slightly on my back aoe bar to 2126. 2000 should be the bare minimum you will be aiming for unbuffed. Once you have all your skills procing at once it is very easy to get this number up to 3600-4000 SD. The way I achieve this is by the Burning Spellweave set which will add 600 SD once it procs, my fire staff on my back aoe bar is enchanted with a weapon damage enchant which will also further increase my SD by another 320. Spell power potions which will increase it by another 20%. If you don't want to use spell power potions you can get around this by using Power Surge or Crit Surge in the Storm Calling Tree. I also have all my jewelry enchanted with Spell Damage at 174 each and my jewelry I currently use is Willpower. And of course the Spell Power Cure set from you healer should boost this as well.

Now CRIT! Honestly this is relatively easy to obtain but nevertheless VITAL! In the picture you see I have my Thief mundus stone which will increase my Crit chance and this is increased even further by having all my gear with the Divines trait. As a DPS ALWAYS be looking for Divines gear. Nothing else matters.


Alright! Now as far as skills and rotations! Here is what my current bars look like.

The top bar is my single target bar in order from left to right I have: Velocious Curse, Crushing Shock, Crystal Fragments, Bound Aegis, Inner Light and Shooting Star as my ulti.

The bottom back is my AOE bar in order from left to right I have: Liquid Lightning, Elemental Blockade, Mage's Wrath, Bound Aegis, Dark Conversion and Elemental Rage as my ulti.

*side note* Dark Conversion can be swapped out for any other number of skill if you wish. I find it's really nice to be able to regen magicka quickly if I'm in a burning phase. Some other suggestions might include Power Surge/Crit Surge, Rearming Trap, or Boundless Storm.

Now as far as HOW you want to arrange these skills I leave that completely up to you. However, one thing you should know about a magicka ranged DPS sorc is that there is ALOT of bar swapping and animation canceling. It takes a while to get used to and has one of the steepest learning curves in ESO in my opinion. But in part to that SORC'S have one of the easiest AOE rotations out there that does BUKU damage so let's start there.

For all trash pulls this should be your rotation in order of casting and importance

Crystal Fragments Proc > Liquid Lightning > Elemental Blockade > Heavy lightning staff attack's > Crushing Shock/Force Pulse > Velocious Curse

Do not bother with spamming skills like Impulse or spamming TOO much of Crushing Shock/Force Pulse. The MAIN things here causing damage are your Liquid lightning, Elemental blockade and Heavy lightning staff attacks. In order to do this make SURE you have 2/2 on Tri Focus. The first passive in the Destro staff tree which makes Shock damage nearby enemies for 127% of the damage done. It is not uncommon for you to see 100K DPS while doing this so long as you have a decent tank that is grouping up all the adds for you. So what does this mean? Positioning of you and the mobs is important! Always be trying to hit as many adds as possible so be running around to find the best angle. This will vary of course. And of course use your ELEMENTAL RAGE! Seriously the best AOE ult in the game. SO STRONG.

Alright, now the main one everyone wants to know. SINGLE TARGET!

This is your skill rotation for single target DPS (AKA BOSS DPS) in order casting and importance

Crystal Fragments Proc > Velocious Curse > Liquid Lightning > Elemental Blockade > Crushing Shock/Force Pulse > Light/Heavy attack weaving

Now this may come off as confusing for some of you so let me explain a little further. ALWAYS use your Crystal frag proc whenever it's up. No matter where you are at in your rotation but ONLY use Crystal frag when it proc's I.E. Instant cast. Next you need to always make sure your Velocious curse is up there is a 3.5 second window for this. So as soon as you cast Velocious curse, you should be casting Liquid Lightning and Elemental blockade together since they have similar durations 10 seconds and 8 seconds respectively and again always make sure these are up. Once all these skills are up you will casing your crushing shock/force pulse and light attack weaving. So depending on your bar set up this will vary for you but a typical rotation for me will look something like this.

Velocious Curse > Light Attack > Bar swap > Liquid Lighting > Elemental blockade > Light attack > Bar swap >  Velocious Curse > Light attack > Crushing shock > Light attack > Crushing shock > Light attack > And then repeat the same process.

If you are timing everything just right you should be able to upkeep all these DOT abilities at the right time as their duration's expire.

Again imporant you are ALWAYS casting Crystal Frag's when it procs. NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN THIS ROTATION!

Now once you feel comfortable with this rotation you will start introducing a more advanced technique called animation canceling. There are two ways to do this. Blocking and swapping bars. What this means is some abilities take 2-3 seconds to cast because your character is going through the motions. This is harder to explain so once you feel comfortable with this rotation then check out this video. Animation Canceling - Youtube



The Apprentice: 100 Elemental Expert and remaining points in Elfborn

The Atronach: 1 Staff Expert

The Ritual: 20 Thaumaturge


The Lady: 100 Elemental Defender

The rest you put in Hardy or Spell Shield for extra surviveability


The Tower: 100 Magician

The Lover: The rest in Arcanist


Heavy helm and medium shoulders will be the best for you to maintain your 6% buff from Undaunted Mettle Passive. It allows you to be the most versatile with your other sets.




I don't have VMA staff's which are your best in slot so any random staff will do as long as it has the right enchants and traits. If you don't have Burning Spellweave then Julianos is a great set to have. Also Twice Born star CAN outperform Burning spellweave but only if the group you are running with in Trials has a very consistent Aggressive Warhorn upkeep. For all other occasions Burning spellweave will be your biggest damage dealer.

IMPORTANT: When you are single DPSing a boss you should have TWO fire staff's one on each bar. When you are AOE trash pulling, FIRE STAFF ON YOUR AOE BAR, LIGHTNING STAFF ON SINGLE TARGET BAR.

You will always want a fire staff for your AOE bar because if you are running Burning Spellweave you want your set to proc as often as it can, so having Elemental Blockade of fire will help with this. Even if you aren't running Burning Spellweave generally Elemental Blockade of Fire will do the most damage because of its 20% more damage to burning enemies. Crushing shock/Force pulse will do fire damage no matter what staff you have so be hitting that as well.

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em